Our exclusive staff is proficient in their work and authorized to provide services within the Teatro di Ferento archaeological site. They will be available to show you the reception methods and organization of the ceremony, providing advice for services outside of the theatre; such as moments of conviviality, your stay, and personal care amongst other services.
We only work with the best suppliers in order to turn your dream into reality, and embed your story into history. Every wedding that takes place in the theater is different, tailored to the wishes of those who trust us with one of the most important day of their lives. We are lucky enough to collaborate with many special individuals, wedding professionals with experience, creativity and passion, aware of the particular attention they will have to pay to the archaeological site and specially trained to ensure the creation and realization of unforgetabble memories. We take pride in the amazing work our flower designers, wedding planners, photographers, video makers, DJs ,musicians, lighting and sound technicians take part in to guarantee an extroardinary and memorable day.

Why Ferento?

The union between culture, environment and private events generates cultural enrichment in people. A unique event that tells their story within the story produces a great emotion.
This is the motivational value that led us to choose the Teatro di Ferento, as it is for the Archeotuscia ODV association, with which its volunteers help maintain the archaeological site.
Those who choose this location for their partnership will continue to bring the Ferento Theater to life in all of its glory.